7 Proven Methods for Obtaining Battlefield 4 for Free


With its blend of realistic visuals, engaging gameplay, and an intriguing narrative, Battlefield 4 has carved a niche in the gaming sphere. Its popularity is widespread, drawing in millions of global players. However, its cost may discourage some gamers. This piece offers an in-depth look at methods for obtaining Battlefield 4 for free.

obtaining Battlefield 4 for free

Unraveling Battlefield 4

Before exploring ways to get Battlefield 4 at no cost, it’s crucial to grasp what the game entails. Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter game, was developed by EA DICE and released by Electronic Arts. It’s celebrated for its destructible environments, vehicular warfare, and the ‘Levolution’ mechanic that can significantly transform the map.

Official Giveaways

On occasion, EA hosts official Battlefield 4 giveaways on their platforms. These giveaways are typically time-bound and necessitate an EA account. Hence, it’s advisable to frequently visit their official website or social media channels for updates.

Subscription Services

Services such as EA Play include Battlefield 4 in their game library. By subscribing to these services, you gain access to Battlefield 4 and a plethora of other games. While not entirely ‘free’, it provides excellent value if you’re an avid gamer.

Third-Party Promotions

Occasionally, third-party platforms also offer Battlefield 4 at no cost as part of their promotions. Platforms like Epic Games Store and Steam often make popular games available for free during designated periods. Always stay vigilant for such promotions.

Digital Codes

Certain websites offer digital codes for Battlefield 4 at a reduced price or even for free. However, ensure you use reputable sites to avoid falling victim to scams.

Trial Versions

Battlefield 4 also provides a trial version that allows players to sample the game for free for a limited time. While it’s not the complete game, it offers a fantastic opportunity to try out Battlefield 4.


Obtaining Battlefield 4 for free entails frequent checks on various platforms, participating in giveaways, and considering subscription services. While the game is worth every cent, these tactics offer an excellent chance for those wishing to experience Battlefield 4 without breaking the bank. Always prioritize online safety and only use reliable sources when attempting to acquire games for free.

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