7 Essential Tips for Mastering OSRS F2P Quests

Mastering OSRS F2P Quests: An Overview

Old School RuneScape, affectionately referred to as OSRS, has captivated gaming enthusiasts for years. The game’s allure stems largely from its extensive quests, particularly in the free-to-play (F2P) version. This piece offers a thorough guide to mastering OSRS F2P quests, setting gamers on the path to becoming celebrated adventurers.

A Closer Look at OSRS F2P Quests

F2P quests in OSRS comprise a series of tasks and adventures available to non-premium players. These quests span from basic errands to grand expeditions, each delivering unique rewards and experiences.

OSRS F2P Quests: A Breakdown

Currently, 21 F2P quests exist in OSRS. Each quest comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Here is a rundown of these quests:

  1. Black Knights’ Fortress
  2. Cook’s Assistant
  3. Demon Slayer
  4. Doric’s Quest
  5. Dragon Slayer
  6. Ernest the Chicken
  7. Goblin Diplomacy
  8. Imp Catcher
  9. The Knight’s Sword
  10. Misthalin Mystery
  11. Pirate’s Treasure
  12. Prince Ali Rescue
  13. The Restless Ghost
  14. Romeo & Juliet
  15. Rune Mysteries
  16. Sheep Shearer
  17. Shield of Arrav
  18. Vampire Slayer
  19. Witch’s Potion
  20. X Marks The Spot

Mastering OSRS F2P Quests

Detailed Walkthroughs for Popular OSRS F2P Quests

This section will delve into detailed walkthroughs for some of the most played OSRS F2P quests.

Black Knights’ Fortress

The Black Knights’ Fortress quest involves infiltrating the fortress and disabling the Black Knights’ confidential weapon. This quest necessitates 12 quest points and the ability to dodge level 33 Black Knights.

Cook’s Assistant

This quest requires you to assist the Cook in Lumbridge Castle in baking a cake for Duke Horacio’s birthday. This is one of OSRS’s most straightforward quests and an excellent initiation for newcomers.

Dragon Slayer

Arguably the toughest F2P quest, Dragon Slayer, demands players defeat the formidable dragon Elvarg on Crandor Island. The quest calls for skill, courage, and strategy, making it a real challenge for any adventurer.

Quest Rewards and Skill Experience

Each OSRS F2P quest rewards players with experience points in diverse skills and occasionally unique items unattainable elsewhere. For instance, finishing the Dragon Slayer quest rewards players with 18,650 Strength and Defence experience and the ability to wear Rune platebody and Green d’hide body.


Mastering OSRS F2P quests involves comprehending each quest’s unique challenges and rewards. Strategic planning and effective skill utilization can help conquer every quest, making you a legendary adventurer in the OSRS universe. Remember, every great journey begins with a single step. Take your first step today and embark on your OSRS journey.

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